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  • Summer-Driver's Training

    There are 3 phases to the driver's education course. Phase 1 is 32 hours of classroom instruction. (Books include The Texas Driver Handbook and Drive Right Theory Book) They will take their learner's permit test on day 4 of the 1st week. Phase 2 will be 30 hours (20 daytime & 10 Night-time) of driving with Mom/Dad or an experienced license holder 21 years or older who's had their license for at least one year. They will be issued a 30-Hour Driving Log on the last day of week one. Once your daughter/son has completed the 30-hour log, then inform us for Phase 3. The final phase is Phase 3. It will be 14 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction with our certified instructor. This is completed in 7 days -2 hours each session (1 hour of driving and 1 hour of observation). *We are 3rd Party Testers for DPS, so at the completion of the entire course and they are eligible to drive on their own, they have the option to take their final road test with us for an additional fee of $35. Those need to be scheduled through our school.