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  • Drama Kids-Make Me Laugh

    Prepare for a week-long escapade into the whimsical world of laughter and entertainment at our extraordinary camp! Inspired by the timeless words of Milton Berle, who declared that "laughter is an instant vacation," this experience goes beyond the ordinary. Campers will engage in zany drama activities and master the art of comedy and clowning, creating their own moments of hilarity. Picture the thrill of witnessing these emerging comedians showcase their talents in a dazzling Big Show finale, promising an unforgettable fusion of joy, surprises, and loud laughter. Don't miss the chance to join us for a week of pure delight, forging friendships, and creating memories in a laughter-filled haven – reserve your spot now for an enchanting journey into the magic of instant vacations through the art of humor! $20.00 supply fee to be paid 1st day of class to the instructor